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Im not responsible in anyway if you get yourself blocked. So use at your own risk

I thought about posting my super money cheat. But then I realized: Wait all the newbies who see this will get money the easy way. So I decided not to post it. But if you have been playing for ahwhile and you want it then email at But I not giving it away for free the cost is 100g's for the cheat. Your probly thinking right now : well jeeze if he has the super money cheat then why does he want my money? Well the answer is : I techinacally dont want the money I just want to make sure newbies dont get it. I highly doubt that newbies have a extra 100g sitting in ther account so thats why the price is high. Oh ya I should mention in order for the cheat to work you need artmoney. If you dont have it download it at Artmoney can be used for various games you just have to learn how to use it.

::PM Everyone::

PM Everyone[version 1.08]

Follow these steps carefully:

1 ) Open nitto dont log in

2) Open artmoney from the proccess list choose nitto

3) In search type "clickable" with out the "" and this is case sensative. ( Note search value must be set to "Exact Value" and type my be set to "All" if you dont do this you will recieve errors.)

4 ) If you did it correctly you should have 8 results.

5 ) Now right click on value number 1 and click "Select ALL"

6) Then Right click and go to "SET VALUE" and set the value to "0"

7) When you have entered it click "OK"

Now close Artmoney and login to nitto"

9) Go to the community and you can PM whoever you want even if they have disabled PM

If you find more 1320v108S cheats email them to me again at